Legacy of the Old Gods is the story, often believed to be untrue, of the Old Gods that ruled over Xroth in the Ancient Age, the age before the arrival of the mighty Titans, and the Wars of Dominance that ensued with their arrival, ushering Xroth into the Shadow Age, before the mortal races began to develop and prosper, leading the world into the Precarium Age.

The Old Gods of XrothEdit

Who were the Old Gods of Xroth? The Old Gods were the Gods that existed on Xroth since its creation. They are believed to have been spawns of Ethel'Aran -- His first attempts at the creation of life, and often deemed a extensive failure. However, it is also believed that from these Old Gods, the mortal races were born, a various mix of creatures that were deemed to be more suitable in the eyes of Ethel'Aran.

Below are some of the Old Gods rumored to have lived on Xroth:

  • Zeranith, Old God of Hatred and Cruelty (The Trolls are said to be his decendants)
  • Kerolicus, Old God of Warfare (The Humans are believed to be the spawn of him)
  • Corracius, Old God of Fury (The Orcs are said to be his decendants)
  • Elverissa, Old Goddess of Beauty (The Elves are said to be her decendants)
  • Primalicus, Old God of Malice (The Gharkani are said to be his decendants)
  • Maeloc, Old God of Wildness (Wild Creatures are said to be his creations)
  • Kalegan, Old God of Crafts (Dwarves are believed to be his decendants)
  • Unath, Old Goddess of Wrath (The Felkin are said to be his decendants)
  • Tyroranth, Old God of Magic (The Aracid are said to be his decendants, and some say Tyroranth even created Mount Wraithspire)

Decended from Old Gods? Edit

Many have speculated if Xrothians are decendants of the Old Gods of the Ancient Age. Many believe it is simply impossible because the Old Gods are never said to behold the gift of Life-creation, which Ethel'Aran only bestowed upon his beloved children, the Titans. If so, how did mortals decend from the Old Gods? Many believe that the Old Gods simply impregnanted various savage creatures that existed (other failed creations of Ethel'Aran who didn't make it along the evolutional path to Godhood like the Old Gods). Others imply that the Old Gods did infact posess the knowledge of Life-creation, but eventually lost it due to degeneration.

History of the Old Gods Edit

Over the course of study, research and extensive beliefs from legends, Xrothians have managed to piece together a large portion of history regarding the Old Gods, although much of it is based on ancient legends and much may be untrue, and entirely ficitional. To ever discover it's true truth, one would have to travel back in time into the Ancient Age itself.

The Ancient AgeEdit

The Ancient Age is said to have begun sometime when Ethel'Aran awoke from deep slumber and set out into the Unbound Void to fill it with life. Many legends foretell that Xroth was one of the first worlds Ethel'Aran molded and begun his experiments with life upon. As such, the Old Gods were born; A race of several creations that possessed incredible powers. During this time, no mortal races had yet come to life, but within an estimated period of one million years, the Old Gods began to explore their incredible powers, eventually discovering the gift of Life-creation. However, as quickly as the Old Gods discovered it, it disappeared -- Most likely to degeneration. However, mortal races now began to populate Xroth, and many Old Gods began to claim their progenies. This came at a great cost for the mortal races due to what was to come...

Wars of the ArchaicEdit

Having lived for millions of years together on Xroth, the Old Gods shared to common love for each other, and as soon as mortal races began to populate Xroth in great numbers, the Old Gods were quick to begin commanding them to their bidding. As such, war was unavoidable, and a few years later, the Archaic Wars broke out between the Old Gods and their mortal armies. The war was brutal and many millions of the mortal races lost their lives as the Old Gods continued to war against each other. After a century of warfare, legends tell that the Old Gods, Corracius, Zeranith, Maeloc, Kalegan and Unath had died in battle, giving wake to the possibility of the Old Gods not being immortal. However, this can never be truly confirmed, as the legends also tell that it was other Old Gods, primarily Primalicus and Tyroranth who slew the other Old Gods. The Archaic Wars would continue however, rumored to last for around six centuries before the Titans arrived on Xroth, and things quickly changed.

The Titans & The Wars of DomianceEdit

By the time of the Titans arrival, Xroth was in utter chaos and devastation. Few mortal races remained, and their numbers were nearing extinction. Even few Old Gods, and legends state that only Primalicus, Tyroranth and Kerolicus had survived the brutal onslaught. The Titans however, changed everything. As usual to their routine, the Titans would often approach the world's Gods or leaders, and try to secure truces. However, only Kerolicus peacefully greeted the Titans, while both Primalicus and Tyroranth began slaughtering the Titans on sight. With their mortals in low numbers, Primalicus resulted to ancient magic: Reanimating the long dead into living mortals again. These, he called Gharkani, and he marched them to war with the Titans. Tyroranth however turned to a different kind of magic, and began to create a new race, taking a handful of elves, and twisting them with malicious magic until nothing of their former self remained. Thus, Tyroranth had created the Aracid, and with more magic, he began to clone the new Aracid in massive numbers. However, legends tell of a number of elves who were mutated by Tyroranth magic, but not enough to become Aracid, instead they became the Black Elves. Attacked on sight, the Titans began to retaliate, attacking back on Primalicus and Tyroranth. Yet, even though attacking those two, the Titans eventually forged an alliance with Kerolicus, who had greeted the Titans with peace. As such, Kerolicus and his creations were protected and sheltered by the Titans, allowing the mortal races of Kerolicus to regain their numbers. As for the other Old Gods however, the Wars of Dominance had begun. Ignoring their hatred for each other, Primalicus and Tyroranth agreed to a truce and forged an alliance against the vicious Titan invaders.

After many centuries of war against the Titans, the Old Gods begun to realize that there was no way to drive them away, and Tyroranth broke the alliance, surrendering to the Titans while turncoating on Primalicus and attacking his forces from behind. This quickly led to Primalicus' withdrawl from the war, and the Titan forces under Istath finally believed Primalicus had been defeated. The Wars of Dominance had ended, and Xroth now ushered into the Shadow Age.

The Shadow Age & Fall of the Old GodsEdit

With the start of the Shadow Age, Xroth saw some form of peace as the Titans stood vigilant and watched over the evolution of the mortal races. However, as time passed on, the Titan's watch over Xroth began to fade, believing Xroth to be capable of finally looking after itself. That was the first mistake that the Titans made in Xroth, as Primalicus finally revealed himself again and brutally attacked Tyroranth, easily overcoming him and murdering him. With victory over Tyroranth, Primalicus proceeded to attack Kerolicus, and in a brutal war that lasted almost a century, Primalicus finally managed to destroy Kerolicus before the Titans eventually retaliated, destroying almost all living Gharkani (a few managed to survive) and Istath himself struck the killing blow to Primalicus. What the Titans later didn't realize was that Primalicus had learned of a race known as 'the Perennial', a race more powerful then the Titans, living as pure energy in the God-Capital of Godenheim. Primalicus had then learned to become one of their kind, making himself almost immortally invincible. In the end, the Perennial discovered Primalicus' history, and they banished him from Godenheim, exiling him to walk Xroth as a mortal. However, Primalicus managed to secure himself some of his former Perennial powers, and therefore was still considered as an Old God by the Xrothians. With the Titans almost gone from Xroth entirely, Primalicus began to create more Gharkani, and invaded Xroth, beginning what later became known as 'the Withering'. However, in the end, a bold and courageous Xrothian named Taranis Baneheart took the fight to Primalicus, and managed to slay him again using an ancient blade he had found: The Spineshatter (an Ancient Warblade used by Istath to slay Primalicus the first time). With Primalicus dead, Xroth was without any remaining Old Gods to threaten it.

The Titan's Demise & End of the Shadow AgeEdit

As Primalicus died, Xroth became free of the Old God's taint, and the Titans decided that Xroth had indeed managed to liberate itself from its tyrannical rulers, the Old Gods, and was now able to stand on its own feet, no longer needing the guardianship of the vigilant Titans. As such, the Titans left Xroth, but as time was never recorded in the Shadow Age, none can be sure exactly when the Titans departed from Xroth, if they even truly existed. However, the Shadow Age had yet to end, as only a decade after the Titan's disapperance, Z'urc appeared. Z'urc claimed to be the mortal son of Primalicus (it is likely that Primalicus impregnated a female during his mortal exile on Xroth). Uniting the Gharkani, and even managing to create more as he retained his father's powers, Z'urc waged war upon Taranis, who had formerly killed his father. As war began to consume the continent of Zelen, Taranis was met by an ancient dragon, the silver dragon Raenoth, who then was the King of the Red Dragons. Raenoth told Taranis about how the Titans had granted him (Raenoth) the Guardianship over Xroth. As such, Raenoth presented Taranis with a golden, powerful crown, forged by Inoth himself: The Godslayer Crown. Donning the Crown and wielding Spineshatter, mounted upon Raenoth, Taranis led the humans of Zelen against the Second Withering, led by Z'urc. In the end, Z'urc was slain, although at a great cost; Taranis had sacrificed himself to end the life of Z'urc. With Taranis dead, Raenoth remained in control of the two ancient artifacts of the Titans. However, eventually, both the Spineshatter and the Crown were lost from Raenoth's control, and later found around 1008-1038 CT. With the death of Z'urc however, Xroth ushered into the Carium Age (Carium meaning Nomad in Ancient Titan). A few hundred years later, Xroth hailed into the Precarium Age (Pre meaning True in Ancient Titan).

How the Old Gods influenced Xroth Edit

Ancient LegendsEdit

From the Old Gods, and the supposed adventures and wars that occured in their lifetime, a number of extraordinary legends and heroes were born. Many of those legends would be carried over into other Ages, and some would become extremely well-known for their capacity to inspire courage to people, such as the stories of Taranis Baneheart who slew not one, but two half-Perennial Gods, and ended two Witherings (the Third Withering would come later in 1032 CT with the Lich War).

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