One of the earliest mortal races on Xroth is without doubt the Elathian race. Originally, the Elath was a race of tall humanoids, who looked much like humans except for their blue-icy eye color. From around the central time of the Ancient Age, the Elath were said to control a sizeable and major Empire. Many modern historians have concluded that the rumored Elathian Empire may have been a loose coalition of Elathian clans, stretched from the Isle of Nalath, to the frozen wastelands of Alazc and the lands that would later become Alansca. None knows how the Elathian Empire fell exactly, although the Alanths do tell of an ancient legend regarding a powerful Elathian, Cyron Veran and his battle against the last Elathian Emperor, who was, according to the legend, a tyrant.

Rise of the ElathEdit

Not much is known about the mortal races of Xroth during the Ancient Age. Most of the information regarding the rise of the mortals lies in vocal legends. One such legend depicts the Old Goddess, Elverissa being intimate with the Old God, Maeloc. From their relation, the legend depicts that the Elath were born from Elverissa's womb. Being a cross-breed between beauty and wildness, the Elath quickly became a force that dominated the wilderness, easily overtaking any other enemy presence. Beyond their origin myth, all that is known regarding the rise of the Elath is other legends, which mostly state that the due to their wild-blood, the Elath quickly conquered lands and thus began an Empire, even though, historically, it would be more fitting to call it a loose coalition of clans.

Fall of the Empire & Degeneration Edit

As modern historians are unable to set a precise timeline for the Ancient Age, it is difficult to say how long it actually lasted. Much of the sources however, has led historians to believe that the Ancient Age lasted from somewhere around 5,000 BT to 2,500 BT. The legends surrounding the Elathian Empire however, seen to pinpoint that the Empire both rose and fell during the middle time-period of the Ancient Age. It is then, concluded by historians that the Empire must have lasted for around 500 to 700 years.

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