The Lich War refers to the Fourth Withering of Xroth, which took place around 1032 to 1038 CT. During the Lich War, the Gharkani were united once more by a "reborn" Z'urc and set off to conquer Xroth in his name. Initially, the Withering overwhelmed Xroth, and many nations struggled to keep the Gharkani away, and many did so with little success. Even the military might of the Iserrian Empire struggled against the overwhelming armies of the Withering. Only until Emperor Exardius I discovered the lost truth of an order of Revenants, did the tide of the war turn. The War ended in 1038 CT, when Exardius I sacrificed himself to eternally exile Z'urc while the mortal armies of Xroth entirely annihilated the Gharkani homeland.

Ante Bellum: The Conspiracy of Z'urcEdit

Long before the War, Z'urc himself set into motion a series of complex plans to subjugate the nations of Xroth. Over the course of many years, several nations faced conflicts within their own ranks, unaware that they had all been caused by Z'urc himself.

The Tiranian WarEdit

The Orcish RebellionEdit

Rise of the CalenthEdit

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