Established approximately around 1020 CT, The Praetorian Order is an elite organization of hand-picked legionnaires, often chosen from the ranks of the Imperias Legionaris. These are then trained in extensive training until they become 'Praetorians'. Strategically, the Praetorian are elite soldiers, knights of chivalry as some would say. Beyond their scope of military prowess and combat, the Praetorians are also infused with a specific essence of Magic, known as 'Eternite' which allow them power to use specific healing spells. However, most of these will only cure light wounds, and will not be able to revive a person from permanent damage.


Rise of the PraetorianEdit

During the Verakosh Conquest from 1018 to 1020 CT, King Exardius I sent an army of 40,000 legionnaires to Verakosh, and amongst one of the field commanders were Lord-Commander Praetorius, a former priest of the Eternalian Church before he became a legionnaire in the service of Exardius during the Tiranian War when Exardius captured the city of Caeric. During the Verakosh Conquest, Praetorius was inflicted with a mortal wound, but still managed to crawl his way out of the field. That was when Praetorius touched a rock that had landed in Verakosh millenias ago when Mount Wraithspire erupted. As such, the stone was infused with arcane essence and due to his religious beliefs, that essence was essentially transformed into 'Eternite'. Using the eternite, Praetorius was able to lessen his wounds until he was found and later patched up by medics.

When Praetorius shared his new-found knowledge with Exardius after the Conquest, a new order of soldiers was decided to be created: The Praetorian Order arose. Lord-Commander Praetorius however only survived two months into the Order's creation before he was strucken down by Barand Brotherhood assassins in their assault at Castle Iserria.

The Praetorian Order & The Rise of IserriaEdit

When Tiranus marched off to war again in 1021 CT, the Praetorian Order sent its best and brightest Praetorians to cover the frontlines. As such, and with the newly formed Legion formation, Tiranus easily won again and again against the familiar and outdated Nolocitan formation that the mercenaries of Varok employed. During the Verash War, the leader of the Order, Grand-Master Joricius Aurelicus managed to establish another Order headquarters in the City of Caladion. As the war was eventually won in 1024 CT, Exardius declared the official beginning of the Iserrian Empire, and the Praetorian Order became one of Exardius' own private soldiers, the other being the Exardian Elite (also known to most as the Exardian Order).

Expansion of the EmpireEdit

With the Avanian War, the Empire saw a rapid expansion it's domain, and just as before, the Praetorian Order managed to establish another community for the Order in the City of Valport, the former Avanian Capital. Just as more and more swarmed to become legionnaires, the Order continues on a recruitment rampage, often selecting hundreds of possible recruits in each major city throughout the Empire. As such, the Order's ranks were swarmed with new Praetorians.

The Chronicles of Xroth MMOEdit

Starting Zone IdeasEdit

Level 1 to 5Edit

At level 1, the player is recruited into the ranks of the Praetorians, and must immediately undergo the Rite of the Eternals. To prepare, the player is sent out into the wilds to collect a handful of Light's Grace Petals (5). Once having gathered the materials, the Rite begins, and the player's consciousness is sent to Darkenheim, where the player must face the Legion of the Wicked, and kill it's leader, Legionnaire-Master Scaradius. Once having defeated Scaradius, the player returns to Gloryhold, where the player has successfully become a Praetorian.

After Level 5Edit

Having become a Praetorian, the player should be around the middle of level 5. At this stage, the player is ordered by Grand-Master Joricius Aurelicus to report to Masarius the Bold at the Isle of Cantellia, as the prisoners of Spellshrine Asylum are beginning a riot.

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