Known throughout Xroth, the Shadow Revenants is a multinational order of warriors entirely devoted to hunting down the Gharkani and the guardians of the world, keeping Xroth save from the emergence of the Witherings. The Order was originally founded by Taranis Baneheart sometime during the Shadow Age after his first defeat of Primalicus the Baneful. Sometime after the Second Withering and the defeat of Z'urc the Malicious, the Order was disbanded and most traces of it disappeared. It finally resurfaced when Exardius the Great found the remnants of the Order's base in an Ancient Temple of Inoth, along with the Godslayer Crown. After the death of Exardius the Great and the end of the Lich War, the Order was slowly restored under the command of Tempest Dragonblood.

Order of the Shadow RevenantsEdit


The Order of the Revenants has since its recreation in 1038 CT been controlled by a inner council, in which a commander is elected to lead the Order militarily, while the council deals with the political ways of the Order.

The ConclaveEdit

The council that "rules" the Order, more commonly referred to as 'the Conclave' is a gathering of the ten eldest Revenants in the order. From the time of their choosing, the Conclaveers (as they like to call themselves) spend their time dealing with the Order's political issues as well as searching for the next place in which a Withering is going to take shape. Due to the nature of the Revenants, the Conclaveers also posses the right to conscript anyone into their ranks if they deem them worthy. However, people such as Kings and political leaders cannot be made permanant Revenants, and never pass through the Rite of Revenance.

Spectral CommanderEdit

The Spectral Commander is one of the eldest Revenants, chosen by the Conclave to lead the other Revenants in a military-style. Whilst the Conclave deals with the politics and search of the Withering's coming, the Spectral Commander assures training of the Revenants, and that they are all fit to combat the Withering, should one arise. A Spectral Commander usually carries the title throughout his/her life, or until the Conclave see that a new Spectral Commander would benefit the Order more.

List of known Spectral Commanders:

  • Taranis Baneheart - The First Commander
  • Arcurius Darkscar - The Second Commander
  • Tempest Dragonblood - The First Commander of the Reborn Order

The Initiation of ConscriptionEdit

Any Revenant, and the Spectral Commander or a Conclaveer in specific, has the right to initiate the 'Initiation of Conscription', an act that forces the individual to partake in the Rite of Revenance and become a Shadow Revenant. The Revenants rarely use this right, and if used, it is usually during the coming of a Withering.

Becoming a Shadow RevenantEdit

Becoming a Shadow Revenant is a difficult task indeed. Usually, only warriors who excell in their prowess are chosen by the Revenants to be recruited. Many consider it a glory to be chosen for such a task, even though few know of the dark rituals that one partakes in to become a true Revenant.

The Rite of RevenanceEdit

In order to become a true Shadow Revenant, the individual has to go through the Rite of Revenance. Taken to the bowels of Mount Wraithspire, the individual is thrown into the infernal sea of arcane torrents, and torn apart by the very essence of magic. Having rid themselves of their former earthly body, the spirit of the individual is then sent to the Four Hells, the demonic plane in the eternal realm of Gods, and must find their way to return home. Most usually complete this task by entrusting a demon with the Four Hells, although trusting in the wrong demon can lead to eternal damnation. Once having found the right demon, the individual then merges their soul with the said demon and is able to return to Xroth, in a reborn version of themselves.

Vigilance of the ShadowsEdit

Having completed the Rite of Revenance, the Revenant possess every memory and former ability of the demon they merged with. As such, the Revenants possess incredible skills and powers, as well as the ability to easily track Gharkani movement, hence the Conclave is quite capable of discovering potential locations for a coming Withering. However, due to their unnatural return to Xroth, Revenants only live for 60 years, never aging after having taken the ritual. Most, upon their time, chose to plunge themselves into the infernal sea of arcane in Mount Wraithspire, so that their spirits may return once more to the Realm of Gods, Godenheim.

Once having completed the ritaul however, the individual is considered a true Revenant, and as such, has to always stay vigilant and watch over the world. Under strict orders, Revenants are told to shed themselves of their former life, but not every obeys these orders, and some return home at times during their time as a Revenant. Revenants are also known to be recruited by Kings and Emperors to assist in military matters, or to eliminate a possibility of assassination or rebellion. Due to their unnatural powers, most Revenants, with time and training, can sense the dark and evil thoughts of every living creature in Xroth. On occassion, demons from the Four Hells may try to infiltrate the Revenant, since their body and mind are close to the Four Hells. Most demons try to do this by creating terrible nightmares for the said Revenant. A few are known to succeed, managing to kill the Revenant's soul, and harvesting their body. They then become Wraiths.

The WitheringEdit

Revenants and WitheringsEdit

A Revenant's true duty is to prevent a Withering from occuring, and if one occurs, the Revenant's duty is to end it as quickly as possible with as little damage done as possible. This is not always easy however, and often many Revenants are lost in random battles with the Gharkani where the Conclave believe the Gharkani try to ressurect their fallen gods (Primalicus or Z'urc).

The Dark SacrificeEdit

It is a known fact that only a great sacrifice can truly end a Withering. When Taranis Baneheart first defeated Primalicus during the First Withering, Taranis himself sacrificed his earthly body to defeat the Old God (that is in fact, how the Rite of Revenance first begun). During the Second Withering, Taranis sacrificed his own soul to banish Z'urc's, which unfortunately survived the experience. During the Lich War, Exardius made the greatest sacrifice of all: He sacrificed himself to fight an eternal, unending battle with Z'urc in the eternal planes of Godenheim, to keep him away from Xroth forever. As such, the Revenants are expected to make the same sacrifices during a Withering to end it.

Alternative NamesEdit

Although the Order is primarily known as 'Shadow Revenants', they are also referred to by other names varying from race to race:

  • The Revenants (Commonly used to address the Shadow Revenants. They even use it themselves.)
  • The Shadow Hunters (Commonly used by Trolls from Aran, when speaking of the Revenants)
  • The Voidseekers
  • The Void Hunters
  • The Shadowkeepers / The Shadow Keepers
  • The Voidkeepers / The Void Keepers

Motto: "Into flames eternal, we return."

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