The Titan Pantheon is the governing body of the Ancient Titans, a race of human-like creatures infused with godlike powers and the ability to create and order life itself. They are believed by Xrothians to be the decendants of Ethel'Aran, the Void Master (He who made life to begin with). The Pantheon is primarily ruled by three Titans, although other, lower Titans rule underneath them, controlling each a branch of the massive Titan Supremacy.

The Titan PerennialsEdit

It is known that the Pantheon itself is under the supreme command of three Titans: Two Titan Twin Brothers, and the last a wife of one of the twins. The first of these are Inoth, the Titan God of Justice and Order. Beside him is his twin-brother, Istath, the God of War and Destruction, and the last is Crenatinna, the wife of Inoth and Goddess of Peace and Freedom.

The Inner CircleEdit

Below the three Titans, Inoth, Istath and Crenatinna (often referred to the 'Titan Perennials'), are a group of Titans who call themselves 'the Inner Circle'.

  • Alderanth, the God of Courage
  • Volcran, the God of Fire
  • Vaeroth, the God of Truth
  • Nerawynn, the Goddess of Love
  • Velestia, the Goddess of Hearth

The Lower CircleEdit

Even further below the Inner Circle is the Lower Circle, a minor group of Titans who oversee that the everyday Titan can have their opinion directed towards the Inner Circle and the Titan Perennials.

The Lower Circle is controlled by:

  • Satarinus, the God of Harvest
  • Taeroth, the God of Lies
  • Naerthia, the Goddess of Beauty
  • Caelmanoth, the God of Moons
  • Caernaloth, the God of Passion
  • Baccaelorth, the God of Pleasure

History of the PantheonEdit

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